December 10, 2012

moving on

I moved to another location.  Something wierd is going on with this one and I can't upload pictures. And I am over trying to figure out how to fix it.  


December 6, 2012

sick and pregnant

Being sick while pregnant is not fun, not fun at all.  I have had the worse cold
and having to survive without medicine, well, its the pits. 
Annabelle sent me a few videos though to make me smile, and it sure did the trick. 
I love her.

Riding along in my automobile. 

Laughing is contagious.

November 30, 2012

ridin' and bouncin'

My little niece only cruises in a pink car.  Yet she is only fascinated with a tag on a blanket.

The video is not the best but I love to see her bounce. 

November 29, 2012

adding to the nursery

Over Thanksgiving I picked up a dresser that I had painted white a long time ago and had used during my college days.  It was my dad's dresser when he was growing up
so its only fitting that now my little peanut will be using it. 
I am calling her my little peanut because we have yet to pick out a name.  In fact, we don't have a clue on names.
 And look what's in the drawer...
 I made my first purchase for little peanut, and its not pink.
I figured I will get a lot of clothes from Miss Annabelle but Clemson outfits is not part of her wardrobe so I better stock up.


November 26, 2012

blonde moments

Due to pregnancy brain, I forgot my camera.  How could I forget my camera?!!
We joined the crazies Thanksgiving morning  in the little country town of York, SC for a 5k
and decided to bundle up Annabelle so she could join in the festivities. 
 There was also a Golf Cart Gobbler that particpated in the race so my husband and cousin decided to dress up the golf cart redneck style and lead the pack. 
You can only see the back of his head but they put my grandfather's scarecrow on the back.

I believe my bump grew in one day due to all the food I ate on Thanksgiving.  But man oh man was it good.

November 20, 2012

happy thanksgiving

I am off to South Carolina to enjoy my crazy family.
Happy Thanksgiving.

November 19, 2012